Lifetime warranty

With this warranty your scissors are 100% guaranteed for lifetime to be free from any manufacturing defects including craftsmanship and its parts. Scissors that have been abused, destroyed or damaged by a non Yamamoto scissors authorized sharpener or scissors that have been poorly maintained, misused and or over-worn will not be covered by this warranty. It is extremely important to care for your scissors and maintain them accordingly to the outlines in the scissor care guide in order to receive our warranty service. Any defects or missing parts caused by user’s abuse or carelessness can/will be repaired or replaced at the user’s cost. Please contact your local distributor where you bought your scissors or contact Yamamoto scissors directly.

Our highend scissors is made to last a lifetime – really! if you maintain your Yamamoto scissors correct and only have them serviced by Yamamoto scissors, they will easily last 25 + years.