Model BF303c – Texturizer / thinner

BF303c: The Ole Larsen signature series. Handmade in ATS314 Hitachi steel.

-own Serial number.

-Handle: Butterfly handle. Our new Butterfly handle is actually carved out so the 4 basic hand positions will fit perfectly in this handle. This scissor is also available with offset handles.

-Scissor style: Japanese style scissor with traditional “Eyeglass” handle. Can be used reversably, so it is actually 2 scissors in one.

-Blade: Cutting blade is Sasaba K-blade. Full Hamaguri convex.

-Sizes: available in 6″

-Cutting technic: Dry cut. Thinning and Texturizing with Grooved teeth system. 30 teeth with 3 grooves per tooth. removing approx. 30-35% when used in 90 degree to the hair like in “Scissor over comb” cutting. when it is used for Dry cut Texturizing, it can remove from 10-35 %. This is a reversible thinner that can be used from both sides. This means that the cut to the hair is different on the 2 sides. Please contact us for further information on this. The Perfect scissor for slicecut thinning.

-Teeth system: Thinners/Texturizers are normally made by EDM Wire cutting in a 90 degree angle. This way 200 blades can be made at one time.
Our patented Thinners/Texturizers are made in a 70 degree angle instead of the traditional 90 degree cutting angle, which means that only ONE blade can be made at a time. Each blade is tilted 20 degrees so only one blade can be made at a time. However, this also means that our thinners and texturizers are perfect for slice cutting as the teeth are sharpened inside the grooves of the teeth in a 20 degree angle. This procedure of wire cutting takes 3 hours for just one blade!

This is why our Thinners and Texturizers are far better than any other on the market. Regular wire cutted Thinners and Texturizers can not Slice cut since they are made in 90 degrees.

-Screw system: We fit the scissors with our new ultra flat dome screw.

-This scissor is also available as a lefthand scissor.



BF Handle 2

BF Handle 3