Our technology

Our Yamamoto hairdressing scissors are some of the best scissors in the world - "The Ferrari of scissors".  Each scissor is handmade and goes through more than 200 production stages.   

We can proudly say that we are one of the very few who are making true handmade scissors and further more we are proud to be making our best scissors in Hitachi ATS314 steel - The best steel in the world.

We are only using COLD FORGED Hitachi steel for our high end scissors. – 440C and ATS314.  Please read about "Cold forging" also in the menu under "Making a forged scissor".

Furthermore all our scissors has their own unique serial number printed in each scissor.  This ensures you that you can always recognize your scissor.  The serial number can also be used if you as a distributor is selling the scissors through a company who is managing payments plans.  They normally require the scissors to have serial numbers for individuality.

All our scissors have the steel name printed on each scissor. (ie. 440C etc).


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We make our scissors in 3 qualities:
1.  Budget scissors.
2.  Cold forged Hitachi 440C steel.  A very good high end steel, very high in Carbon.

3.  Cold forged Hitachi ATS314 steel which is the best special steel from Hitachi steel factory in Japan.  ATS314 is a Hitachi proprietary steel which is extremely durable.  This steel has a high content of both Carbon and Cobalt.  This steel is the best in the world for scissors.
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Some of our scissors hold Patents.  The most important is the patent on the teeth on our Thinners/Texturizers.  All our scissors with patent has the patent number printed in the scissors.
Thinners/Texturizers are normally made by stacking 10 metal sheets on top of each other and welding them together. Then they are Wirecut in a 90 degree angle.   This way 200 blades can be made at one time.
Our patented Thinners/Texturizers are wirecut in a 70 degree angle which means that only ONE blade can be made at a time.  Each blade is tilted 20 degrees and then wirecut so only one blade can be made at a time.  This means that our thinners and texturizers are perfect for slice cutting as the teeth are sharpened inside the grooves of the teeth in a 20 degree angle. 
This procedure of wire cutting takes 3 hours for just one blade!  This is why our scissors are the very best in the world.  Once hairdressers try these scissors they fall in love.  There are scissors on the market that claim to be as good but those are regular wire cut scissors that are wirecut in 90 degrees and does not even come close to ours in performance and endurement.
Please note the Hitachi Logo in above printing.
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