Item YS001. Japanese polishing wheel for outside edge polishing.  On high end scissors this wheel polish a perfect Hamaguri edge, second to none.

It is a very special developed wheel and consist of Lapels inside.  it is not an ordinary wheel made up of plain cloth discs.  This wheel is made from some of the finest Egyptian cotton.

Dimentions: 30 cm diameter, 1 cm. thick and 2,5 cm. shaft hole.

To make the best wheel set up, we recommend that 4 wheels are put together to make one finishing wheel.  This will make a thick wheel that will polish the blade very fast.  this will help in keeping the temperature down while polishing.   Minimum 3 wheels should be put together to make one finishing wheel.

A wheel like this will last for minimum 1 year for the busy sharpener.  It last a very long time as it is only for polishing the edge.  It is not suitable for polishing the handles.

US$150,00 each. (4 each to make 1 wheel: US$600,00)

Please note:  The wheel in picture is a sample wheel that had 2 stitches.  Those are removed as we use it without the stitches.  This wheel is made with both stitches and without stitches according to different factory specifications.  We only sell this wheel without the stitches which is for final edge polishing of the Hamaguri.